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International Seminar on Information and Telecommunication Technology Statistics is to be held in Seoul - Republic of Korea between 19 – 21 July 2010

The International seminar on Information and Communication Technology was held  during 19-21 July 2010 to discuss the new developments, trends and challenges related to ICT statistics.
The  seminar was organized by :

- United Nations statistical Division (UNSD).

- International Telecom Union (ITU).

- United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. (UNCTAD).

- The Statistical Office of the Republic of Korea (Statistics  Korea).
It focused on the progress in several areas such as :

- ICT statistics and policy making.
- Measuring the information society , including:
    • New developments in mobile and broadband communication technology.
    • Measuring household ICT access and individual use .
- Measuring the Information Economy, including:
    • Measuring the evolving ICT sector .
    • Measuring ICT use by businesses .
- Discussing  emerging  areas  of  ICT  statistics, such  as ICT  in  education, e-government  and  online  security. 

- Discussing  regional  and international  approaches  to enhancing  ICT data availability.

- Reviewing  Korean experiences in this field.

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