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KM Egypt Conference 2010 “ Knowledge Management; a Catalyst For Innovation- September 21st – 22nd ,2010,Cairo,Egypt

In a world that is moving towards a more advanced knowledge-based economy and where knowledge is perceived as a strategic resource, knowledge management has become essential. Furthermore, with more emphasis on developing countries meeting their economic challenges, Knowledge Management will be crucial for enhancing their competitiveness in such a knowledge- based economy.
The conference discussed knowledge management  concepts and methodologies for developing the best strategies to identify, develop and apply knowledge assets for accomplishing a better and more efficient performance.

The main goals of the conference were to:

  • Highlight  the role of Knowledge Management in creating innovative working environment within the organization.

  • Provide  insights on how business objectives can be delivered and competitive advantage can be gained by sharing knowledge and information.

  • Explore  how government departments can use Knowledge Management in working collectively to simplify access to public information, ensure the accuracy and privacy of the information they share, and analyze data to support and enhance actionable decision-making.

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