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ITU 8th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting Geneva, 24 – 26 November 2010

The MCIT information center has attended the 8th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Meeting in Geneva during the period from 24 to 26 November 2010. This meeting is organized annually to address the most important developments in the field of measurements of Communications and Information Technology, as well as new definitions and methodologies developed for these measurements.
This meeting was attended by more than 90 countries and a total of 260 participants representatives from the Ministries of Communications and Information Technology, Telecommunications Regulatory bodies, non-governmental organizations and representatives from private sector companies such as Intel, Nokia Corporation and the GSM Association as well as Academic Professors from universities such as Columbia Business school, Imperial College Business School and London School of economics. Representatives from International Organization such as the UNCTAD, the OECD, the Eurostat, the European Commission and the ECA have attended the meeting.
Egypt has presented during the conference the Egyptian experience in measuring the indicators of communication and information technology through a presentation entitled “Broadband Measurement in Egypt: Success Story & Challenges Ahead”

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