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OECD Internet Economy Outlook 2012

The OECD Internet Economy Report 2012 was released by the OECD in the fourth quarter of 2012. The report is published by the OECD biennially, in exchange with the Telecommunication Outlook.  It is worth mentioning that the "OECD Internet Economy Outlook"- first time to be published under this title- complements the former  OECD Information Technology Outlook series, in order to translate the shift taking place in reality from traditional communication technologies such as fixed and mobile voice to Internet-protocol based technologies.
The Internet Economy Outlook 2012 explores the economic and social importance of the Internet, the different waves of Internet development, and presents new research, approaches and methodologies for measuring the Internet economy.
The report mentions that the Egyptian case and the consequences of shutting the Internet off during  2011 revolution is a very clear definition of the Internet economy and was behind reconsidering the shift in the report title. This event lead to questions about the economic consequences of Internet disruption and consequently about the economic dimension of the Internet and the size of the Internet economy.
Worth mentioning that the report praised Egypt as one of the countries with the fastest ICT spending growth (2003-2012), with a CAGR of 18.8 (2003-2012).

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